Imarhan – New Single

Imarhan’s eponymous new single comes from their equally eponymous debut album, set for release on City Slang Records on the 29th April. If the triple-naming whammy hasn’t done enough to announce the arrival of this 6-piece Algerian band, then their recent performances in support of Kurt Vile on the UK leg of his tour has certainly helped to flag them up on people’s radar.

Meaning ‘the ones I care about’, the band was formed in 2008 by a group of friends wanting to create their own unique sound by combining their eclectic musical tastes. And they’ve succeeded. Imarhan is a rich concoction of bright, clean guitars navigating through a playful African beat, all undercut by a punchy, funky bassline. It’s fresh, full of Algerian sunshine and following on from their previous single Tahabort, promises an album that has the confidence to bend genres and offer something new to the table.

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Imarhan’s debut album Imarhan will be released on 29th April on City Slang Records.